Make your own wedding rings

Getting married is a special event for anyone, so why not imbue your wedding rings with a personal memory right from the beginning. At The Jewel and the Jeweller, we can work with you as a couple to make your own wedding rings. After an initial consult about your desired design, we’ll decide which process is best suited to make your rings. Whether it is hand forging or making wax moulds to be cast, the success of your ring is assured as we will be here to help you every step of the way.


First, book a time for an initial free consultation. You can do this via email, phone or pop into the workshop for a chat during opening hours.

At the initial consultation we will show you examples, talk about possible designs, the processes required to complete them, then collect your ring sizes. We will come back to you with a quote which covers our workshop fee + cost of your chosen metal + any additional elements.

Then book in a day (or two sessions if wax carving) for you to come and make your wedding rings. Generally this will be a one day session if hand forging, or two half days, two weeks apart, for wax carving. During your session we will take photos which will be sent to you.

Depending on what your design requires, there may be extra costs involved, such as stone setting, engraving or extra metal. We are happy to complete any finishing for you at an extra cost, although you will be more than capable of doing this under our guidance.

At a minimum you need to have your workshop booked in for 3 weeks before your wedding if you are hand forging and 6 weeks before if you are wax carving.


WAX CARVED: Make your own wedding rings

This process is ideal for creating more dynamic designs- rings with a strong texture, organic form or high detail. Wax carving is great to shape a ring that will fit perfectly with an engagement ring.

Carving is a two part process. At your first session you will carve your rings from a hard wax or sculpt from a softer wax. We will then send them off to the refiner be cast in metal of your choice, typically taking 1-2 weeks. Upon its return, the metal will need to be filed, sanded, and polished. You have the option to come back for a second session to do the metal work or we can complete these steps for you. 

HAND FORGED: Make your own wedding rings

This is a great technique for creating simple wedding bands- from traditional and polished, to a textured or hammered finish. Fabrication is a process where you will work directly with your gold or metal of choice. You will use a gas torch and tools to saw, solder, shape and file your bands. These rings can typically be made in a one day session.

Any extra metal required is available at your cost. If you are wanting more complex additions, such as set stones, you will need to discuss extra time and costs associated with this.