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About Us

The Jewel and the Jeweller is a New Plymouth-based contemporary jewellery workshop which also sells stunning works crafted by leading New Zealand artists.

Founded by practising jewellers Jennifer Laracy and Sam Kelly, we offer professional but laid-back classes for people of all artistic abilities — even those who think you don’t have a creative bone in your body. Ready to put hammer to the metal and create a piece to last the ages? We’d love to meet you. 

Upcoming Workshops


For those of you from out of town, this is a great opportunity to have a weekend away in New Plymouth exploring our surrounds, eating good food and going home with some unique jewellery and a new experience.

Learn to saw, solder, texture, make bezels, set stones and other fundamental processes of jewellery making such filing, soldering, texturing and more.

Cost includes allocation of metal to make a couple of things. More metal and stones available to purchase if needed.

9am-3.30pm Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th November. Max 8 People

Feel free to email or call if you require more information.

About our Workshops

Our range of classes will allow you to explore contemporary jewellery design and practices in a relaxed, inviting space. Whether you’re completely new to jewellery-making or have some experience, you’ll be free to delve into the design process through our wealth of tools, techniques and materials.

We offer classes that investigate the simple concepts of rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets and more. You’ll experiment with a variety of methods such as wax carving and casting, hand forging and material exploration.

Our goal is to help you feel inspired, have fun and take home a piece of jewellery that’s deeply personal and original. 


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