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The Jewel and the Jeweller Jewellery ring class

About us

Kia ora, we’re Jennifer and Sam. We studied jewellery at Whitireia (now Te Auaha) and collectively have 27 years’ experience in making jewellery. We've both exhibited nationally and internationally throughout our careers. After finding ourselves both living in Taranaki, New Zealand, we connected over our shared love of contemporary jewellery and want of bringing a new art experience to town.

Over many coffees, critiques and long drives to Wellington for jewellery events, a great friendship was brewed — and The Jewel and the Jeweller was born.

We decided to set up a workshop to teach beginner classes in the hope of attracting the masses to the world of contemporary jewellery. We’d love to see our workshop become a thriving hub for jewellery converts to grow their creativity and craft.

As working artists and mothers, we know you often have to wear many different hats to succeed. It’s important to us that we provide a platform for other artists to share their talent. That’s why, at The Jewel and the Jeweller, members of the public can view and buy high-quality work from a variety of New Zealand’s best contemporary jewellers. 

We firmly believe the arts are for everyone, so another prime motivator is to offer a space for running community art projects. We know from first-hand experience that art and craft can have a hugely positive impact on people’s perceptions of themselves and the world. The Jewel and the Jeweller will be hosting open days and long-term community projects, and making publications and resources available to anyone who’s curious.

What we offer

Our range of classes will allow you to explore contemporary jewellery design and practices in a relaxed, inviting space. Whether you’re completely new to jewellery-making or have some experience, you’ll be free to delve into the design process through our wealth of tools, techniques and materials.

We offer classes that investigate the simple concepts of rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets and more. You’ll experiment with a variety of methods such as wax carving and casting, hand forging and material exploration.

Our goal is to help you feel inspired, have fun and take home a piece of jewellery that’s deeply personal and original. 


At The Jewel and the Jeweller, we offer a selection of work made by some of New Zealand's most diverse jewellers. With a progressive practice at the forefront of their making, you can view and purchase something truely one of a kind.


Getting married is a special event for anyone, so why not imbue your wedding rings with a personal memory from the beginning? We’d love to work with you as a couple to make your own wedding rings. After an initial consult about your desired design, we’ll decide which process is needed for making your rings. Whether it is hand forging or making wax moulds to be cast, we’ll walk you through every step.